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Psycho-Educational Assessment Process

Psycho-Educational Assessment Process

Our assessment process typically follows the following steps:

Intake with Family

Dr. Borthwick meets with one’s family (either in person or virtually) to obtain consent, discuss concerns, goals of assessment and gain information related to the client’s developmental and academic progression, medical history and social-emotional functioning. This session consists of a comprehensive interview and the completion of some standardized questionnaires.

File Review

With family permission, Dr. Borthwick reviews relevant files (i.e. previous report cards, Individual Education Plans (IEPs), related assessments etc.). Such files provide a wealth of information pertaining to one’s academic and developmental history and strategies that have been tried.


During both the cognitive and academic assessment sessions, the client will participate in a multitude of tasks utilizing a variety of standardized assessment tools based on his/her age, needs and abilities. Such assessment tools will assess one’s abilities related to language, verbal and non-verbal problem solving, visual-spatial processing, memory, executive functioning, processing speed, attention, reading, written language and mathematical abilities.

Typically assessments will require two assessment sessions, however timing, length and scheduling will be discussed at the intake interview. For example, some younger clients may benefit from multiple shorter sessions while older clients may be able to complete the assessment process in one day.

Assessment Interpretation and Report Completion

Dr. Borthwick scores, interprets and synthesizes the information into a comprehensive report which highlights one’s unique cognitive and learning profile and, where appropriate, a diagnostic profile.

Consultation with Related Professionals (Where Appropriate)

If required and with family permission a telephone consultation may also occur with one’s teacher and/or related professionals (i.e. Speech-Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist etc.) to gain more information related to the strengths, needs and challenges that a client may be experiencing. With family permission teachers may be asked to complete some standardized questionnaires.

Family Feedback

Dr. Borthwick will provide comprehensive feedback regarding assessment findings, recommendations and specific strategies, from both a home and school perspective. This feedback session will help one’s family develop an “action plan” regarding next steps with the goal of supporting the whole student.

Additional Session Options

Some families may also wish Dr. Borthwick to conduct a school consultation where she may communicate and explain assessment results and discuss recommendations with school staff. Such consultations are arranged on an individual basis. 
This service will be billed separately at the hourly rate.

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