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About Carol Barber


Ms. Carol Barber, M.A., C. Psych., is a registered school psychologist with over 30 years of experience working with children and adolescents.

The first half of Carol’s career, approximately 14 years, involved research and clinical experiences with children who had complex neurodevelopmental and learning profiles at the Hospital for Sick Children.   

The latter half of Carol’s career has been with the Peel District School Board, where she conducts comprehensive psycho-educational assessments and consultations for students with a range of learning, developmental, and socio-emotional needs. 

Carol brings extensive experience teaching students how to read and is a strong advocate for children and adolescents who exhibit a range of reading challenges. 
In addition to psycho-educational assessments, Carol is passionate about conducting reading assessments in young children to identify why a student may be having difficulty learning how to read, with the goal of supporting families and schools in developing effective and individualized reading intervention programs.
Carol is known for her advocacy and collaboration with professionals and parents to help children optimize their academic learning and have the best school experience possible.  In her spare time, Carol enjoys lots of fun with family and friends, and walking her Labrador, Poppy.  She can be found riding horses, gardening and getting ‘lost’ somewhere in the world.   Due to conflict of interest, Carol is currently unable to assess students from the Peel District School Board. 

Due to conflict of interest, she is currently unable to assess students from the Peel District School Board.

“As a psychologist, former educator and mother, I recognize that the health, education and happiness of your child is of utmost importance. I aim to provide assessments and consultations that are of the highest quality and will provide the same attention to detail that I would want for my own children”.

- Dr. Borthwick, C. Psych

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