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Post-Secondary School

Post-Secondary School Student Assessment

Post-Secondary School psycho-educational assessments may be requested for many reasons. Often clients require an up-to-date assessment in order to support their needs while attending post-secondary school. Others may find themselves struggling, as an adult, either in their respective school setting and/or occupational setting and wish to better understand their learning profile.

Goal of Assessment

The goal of this assessment is to identify a client’s cognitive and academic abilities in order to determine his/her overall learning profile. Such findings will help identify if a client meets the diagnostic criteria for a specific diagnosis and if there are specific accommodations that can be implemented to help a client achieve his/her maximum academic and/or occupational success.


It is important to note that a formal psychological report which indicates a formal diagnosis may be required at some post-secondary schools in order to be eligible for specific supports/services and/or accommodations.  It is important to contact your respective post-secondary school for details.

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