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Mental Health Supports

The Psychology Centre for Educational Matters prides itself in providing expert care, while creating a warm, supportive, and client-centered environment, utilizing evidence-based methods to support clients in achieving their goals.




Step 1:

Developing a strong therapist-client relationship is of the utmost importance to us. Our treatment planning begins by engaging in an intake session, where we get to know each other, collect a detailed history, identify symptoms and how they are impacting one’s life and collaboratively identify goals to achieve.

Step 2:

Treatment plans are customized, based on one’s current symptoms and goals. Although the number of sessions may vary, typically clients will engage in 8-12 sessions, with the option of participating in follow up sessions as needed.

The Centre also aims to incorporate a strength-based approach, wherever possible, so that clients can learn to utilize their strengths while learning, practicing, and mastering new skills. The goal of this approach is to help a client transfer their skills and strategies into everyday life.

Step 3:

We value your feedback and may ask you for your reflections regarding the effectiveness of our support as we work together. Wherever possible, we aim to collaborate with one’s family, providing family members with psycho-education, strategies and skills to help support one’s child/adolescent at home. In addition, at times, we may provide you with some resources as well as some “homework” so that a client practice a new strategy or skill, all of which is designed to help the client reach their goal(s).

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