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Services to Better Understand Your Child’s Reading Needs

Reading Assessments

The Psychology Centre for Educational Matters offer services to better understand your child’s reading skills. Many parents have concerns about their child’s ability to read in early childhood. We can recommend effective prevention, intervention and remediation strategies that are consistent with the science of reading.


There are a variety of reasons why one may experience challenges learning how to read. The majority of students, with appropriate and early reading intervention, are able to overcome their challenges and learn to read. However, it is critical that proactive and early intervention occur, utilizing specific reading programs, resources, and strategies. The starting point for intervention is with a reading assessment.


The goal of a reading assessment is to determine if and why a student may be having difficulty learning how to read. The assessment typically covers an individual’s letter sounds, orthographic mapping, phonological processing, word and nonsense word accuracy and fluency, alphabet writing fluency as well as listening comprehension in order to determine which specific areas are impacting one’s ability to learn to read.

Benefits Of The Reading Assesment

Standardized assessment and curriculum-based measures are used to identify why a student may be having difficulty learning how to read, so that appropriate strategies, programs and interventions can be recommended.

The reading assessment provides an understanding of:

  • How one learns to read,
  • What aspects of the reading process one is having difficulty with,
  • Effective reading programs, interventions and resources, and
  • How speech-language pathology and specialized tutoring, may be beneficial, (where appropriate).

Please note, it is important to understand that a reading assessment does not provide a formal diagnosis of a Learning Disability.

This service consists of an intake interview, an assessment session, a written report with recommendations, including appropriate resources, programs and strategies, and a feedback discussion.

Our Reading Assesment Services

1. Reading Assessment: Kindergarten and Grade One

A reading assessment measures early literacy skills to identify any risk factors for learning to read. This service includes an intake interview, reading assessment, written report, including recommendations for next steps and intervention, if needed, and a feedback session.

2. Reading Consultation

Parents often have questions about how children learn to read, reading problems, reading programs, and how to help their children. We can help you become more knowledgeable about reading development and proactive and specialized intervention. Prevention and proactive intervention are essential to build confident readers.

3. Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons: A Training Program for Parents

We provide parental consultation services on how to implement the “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” program. We believe that this program is both user friendly and effective and will help parents support their child’s reading development at home.

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